St. Theresa School - Carmelite Sisters
Catholic Primary - Kercem, Gozo, Malta

Mrs. Georgene Mercieca - Kindergarten 1 Assistant
Mrs. Fabienne Debono - Kindergarten 1 Assistant
Mrs. Carmen Saliba - Kindergarten 2 Assistant
Mrs. Diane Tabone - Kindergarten 2 Assistant
Mrs. Joanne Cardona - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs. Joanne Sultana Camilleri - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs. Patricia Galea - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs. Marlene Terribile - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs. Fabienne Buttigieg Sultana - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs. Doreen Mercieca - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs. Caroline Camilleri Rolls - Complimentary Teacher
Ms. Charlene Grima - Science Teacher
Mrs. Lorieann Spiteri - PSCD Teacher
Mrs. Stephanie Grech - Learning Support Educator
Mrs. Victoria Buttigieg - Learning Support Educator
Miss Janet Said - Learning Support Educator
Mrs. Doreen Borg - Learning Support Educator
Miss Maria Cauchi - Learning Support Educator
Mrs. Anita Muscat - Learning Support Educator
Mrs. Irene Mizzi - Learning Support Educator
Mrs. Joyce Formosa - Learning Support Educator
Mrs. Graziella Agius - Learning Support Educator
Mrs. Francine Azzopardi - Learning Support Educator
Ms. Annaliz Mercieca - Cleaner and Help in Class
Mrs. Graziella Pace - School Secretary
Sr. Jane Schembri - Cleaner and Help in Class
Mr. Mark Anthony Zammit - IT Technician
Miss Miriam Xerri - PE Teacher
Miss Jacqueline Cefai - ICT Teacher
" proves itself by deeds, so how as I to show my love? Great deeds are forbidden me. The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sarifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love."
A: Dr. Anton Calleja Street, Kerċem, Gozo, Malta
T: +356 21556347
F: +356 21565650
E: School E: Sr Lucy Vella Head of School E: Ms Maria Portelli Assistant Head E: Attendance