Educational Links


Revision Bitesize – Test your English skills with these revision resources
Roald Dahl – You’ve read the books, now learn more on the website!
Spellitis – spell your way to victory

Starship English – Go on an adventure in the galaxy while learning
The Magic Key – Learn with your favourite characters online

The riddler – Complete the riddles and see how many you get correct.
Typing Excercise – Improve your typing skills by completing each level

Who, what, where, why, when?


Fraction Flags – Create the worlds countries flags using fractions
Math Arcade – Find our way round the arcade with our maths knowledge.

Maths magician – Are you a Maths magician? Find out now
Maths Revision Bitesize – Use your Maths knowledge to construct your waterslide

Soccer subtraction – Get your sum right and score a goal for your nation!
Maths is Fun!


Maris u Mark
Trevor Zahra – Poeziji għat-Tfal
Trevor Zahra – Kotba għat-Tfal


Art Pad – Try out your creative skills on the Artpad.
Billy the Bug – Direct Billy the Bug to his next meal

Dictionary Game – Decode the clue to find the correct label for the box

Directions – Direct your way around town in as little moves as possible

Kaleidoscope Painter – Create all your pretty patterns with this Kaleidoscope Painter.

Who wants to be a Mathionaire? – Can you calculate your way to the 1 million prize?

Pole Climber – The faster you answer, the faster you climb.

Sound Bingo – Listen up and get ready for today’s bingo

Who, what, where, why, when?

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